PowerMatch PM4500N Power Amplifier
PowerMatch PM4500N Power Amplifier

PowerMatch PM4500N Power Amplifier

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PowerMatch PM4500N Power Amplifier


The Bose PowerMatch PM4500N is a versatile professional power amplifier that sets a new standard for fixed installation sound reinforcement systems. Designed to deliver concert-quality sound, this amplifier offers exceptional scalability and configurability. With its Ethernet-based networking capabilities, users can easily configure, control, and monitor the amplifier, while the expansion slot allows for additional input from optional digital audio accessory cards.

For convenient setup and configuration, the PowerMatch PM4500N features a front-panel USB connection, enabling direct connection to a PC. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for additional equipment.

Powered by a range of innovative Bose technologies, PowerMatch amplifiers combine top-notch performance, high efficiency, and straightforward installation. With a reliable proprietary design, these amplifiers provide an unparalleled audio experience for any fixed installation sound reinforcement system.



The Bose PowerMatch amplifier offers a range of advanced features and technologies to deliver exceptional performance in fixed installation sound reinforcement systems. With QuadBridge™ Technology, the amplifier’s four channels can be configured in different modes to allocate power efficiently. It supports both low impedance and 70/100V loudspeaker loads directly. The ControlSpace Designer software enables comprehensive configuration and integration with other Bose components. The amplifier also includes an Auto-Standby/Auto-Wake function for power-saving purposes. Its proprietary dual voltage and current feedback loop circuit ensures high-quality sound reproduction with minimal distortion. The PeakBank™ power supply maximizes power density and energy efficiency. Additionally, the fast-tracking power factor correction (PFC) ensures superior transient response and sustained peak performance. Overall, the PowerMatch amplifier combines versatility, advanced control, energy efficiency, and exceptional audio performance for fixed installation sound systems.



  • Auditoriums
  • Performing arts venues
  • Theaters
  • Houses of worship
  • Arenas
  • Hospitality venues

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