PowerMatch PM8250N Power Amplifier

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PowerMatch PM8250N Power Amplifier


The Bose® PowerMatch PM8250N configurable professional power amplifier delivers outstanding concert-quality sound, offering a remarkable level of scalability and configurability specifically designed for fixed installation sound reinforcement systems. With its advanced Ethernet-based networking capabilities, this amplifier allows seamless configuration, control, and monitoring, while an expansion slot enables the integration of optional digital audio accessory cards for added flexibility. For convenient setup, the front-panel USB connection facilitates direct configuration PC connection to a single amplifier.

PowerMatch amplifiers are equipped with cutting-edge Bose technologies, harnessing their full potential to provide an unparalleled combination of performance, efficiency, and ease of installation. The amplifier’s proprietary design ensures reliability and durability, making it an ideal choice for professional audio installations.


The Bose® PowerMatch PM8250N amplifier incorporates a range of advanced features for optimal performance. With QuadBridge™ Technology, the amplifier offers flexible configuration options, allowing the allocation of power to different output channels in Mono, V-Bridge, I-Share, or Quad modes. It can drive both low impedance and 70/100V loudspeaker loads directly. The amplifier can be fully configured using the Bose® ControlSpace® Designer™ software, which provides access to additional features such as Parametric EQ stages, load sweep, and auto standby. Integration into larger control and monitoring systems is possible with Bose ESP processors and CC control centers. The Auto-Standby/Auto-Wake function helps reduce power consumption by automatically entering and exiting standby mode. The amplifier’s proprietary design incorporates a dual voltage and current feedback loop, ensuring consistent delivery of a wide dynamic range, frequency response, and low distortion. The PeakBank™ power supply allows for higher power density and efficient use of energy from reactive loads. Additionally, the fast-tracking power factor correction (PFC) manages current drawn from the AC mains, providing superior transient response and extended peak burst power for demanding audio content.



  • Houses of worship
  • Retail stores
  • Atriums and malls
  • Restaurants
  • Auxiliary zones
  • Conference centers
  • Hospitality venues

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