Revolutionizing Outdoor Performances with Buskercase: A Sustainable and Versatile Stage Solution

The concept of Buskercase, an innovative and portable modular mini stage, originated in 2016 with the aim of providing buskers and performers an easy-to-transport and assemble solution that offers acoustic support and directs music towards the audience. Created by Andrea Benedetti, CEO and founder of Buskercase, the idea took shape during his thesis work at the University of Perugia. In collaboration with product designer Pierluigi Vona from FabLab in Turin, Italy, Buskercase evolved into a versatile structure capable of ten different stage configurations. The integration of Bose Professional’s S1 Pro System further revolutionized outdoor performances, providing amplified sound volume and an exceptional acoustic experience for both artists and listeners.

Bose Pro Solutions for Buskercase:

When Buskercase was introduced at the Keep On festival in Rome, Italy, it became evident that amplification was necessary to meet the demands of larger crowds. During the festival, Benedetti and Vona crossed paths with Bose Professional, the official technical sponsor of the event. Recognizing the potential of Bose’s portable systems, particularly the battery-driven S1 Pro System, the inventors realized that this advanced technology was the perfect addition for Buskercase to thrive in bigger gigs. By integrating two Bose S1 Pro loudspeakers, Buskercase amplified the acoustic benefits provided by the structure, delighting musicians with its versatile configurations and exceptional sound quality.

The Evolution Continues:

Not content with their achievements, Benedetti and Vona further enhanced Buskercase in the summer of 2020. They sought to cater to electro music performers by developing a more powerful, energy-efficient, and portable system that could provide clear, impactful low frequencies for live shows of up to 200 people. In collaboration with Bose, they incorporated a solar panel-driven generator into the Buskercase setup, empowering non-battery PA systems with two Bose L1 Pro8 portable line array systems and two S1 Pro Systems. The solar-powered generator made the structure environmentally friendly, while the Bose L1 Pro system added to the exceptional audio experience.

Recognition and Success:

Buskercase’s efforts were recognized when it was selected as the main stage provider for the Magic Mountains Festival in Umbria, Italy, in September 2021. As a non-profit project supporting the cultural and natural heritage of the Sibillini National Park, the festival showcased the capabilities of Buskercase with the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems. The combination allowed for five hours of amplified music at an impressive altitude of 1570 meters, demonstrating the portability and power of the L1 Pro8 system. Buskercase, with its backdrop and sustainable power source, continues to enhance outdoor artistic performances, creating a unique experience for artists, the audience, and the urban spaces that host them.

Expanding Possibilities:

Collaborating with festivals, city administrations, companies, and various associations, Buskercase is breaking barriers and bringing music to unconventional locations where traditional stage setups are impractical. By leveraging the sun’s power and eliminating the need for electricity, Buskercase allows for imaginative shows and hours of playtime. With the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems, Buskercase realizes its goal of providing performers with a versatile, easy-to-set-up, and sustainable performance solution that aligns with the evolving needs of artists in our changing world.

“Through the Bose L1 Pro8 and S1 Pro systems, Buskercase is realizing their goal: creating a versatile, easy-to-set up and sustainable performance solution, making Buskercase a perfect match for the needs performers have in our changing world.” — Pierluigi Vona, Product Designer at FabLab

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