Enabling the Hybrid Work Model: The Role of Audio and Video Technology

Hybrid Work Model

Enabling the Hybrid Work Model: The Role of Audio and Video Technology

The global pandemic has normalized hybrid work, and a recent report from Accenture shows that employees who used a hybrid work model during the pandemic experienced better mental health, developed stronger work relationships, and were more likely to feel positive about working for their organizations. As a result, 83% of these employees identified a hybrid workplace as being optimal in the future.

However, to enable successful hybrid work, businesses need to have the right audio and video technology in place. When team members begin remotely joining work conversations and meetings, they rely on high-quality audio and video solutions to hear what’s being said or to see how their in-office colleagues are interacting with one another. Background noise or poor video connections can cause problems for remote workers, making it difficult for them to follow conversations and build rapport with colleagues.

It’s crucial to invest in audio and video technology specifically designed to support hybrid workplaces. Not all solutions are created equal, and what works well for one type of meeting space or team may not be ideal for another. Businesses can create and sustain a successful hybrid work model by choosing videoconferencing solutions that meet their specific needs. Huddle areas and medium-sized meeting rooms often benefit from user-friendly, all-in-one conferencing solutions, while larger spaces perform better with fully integrated conferencing solutions that include echo-cancelling features, loudspeakers, and ceiling microphones.

Businesses also need to have systems in place for reserving these specifically digitally-equipped meeting rooms, whether through online or in-person booking tools. Analyzing the data from the booking systems can help businesses optimize the usage of these meeting spaces by spotting patterns in how employees use them.

Hybrid Work

To create a productive hybrid workplace, businesses need to be digitally mature and use the right tools to drive employee innovation, collaboration, and mobility. Many companies have already significantly transformed their digital solutions with the rise of remote workers. They will find the right audio and video technology essential for creating productive hybrid workplaces now and well into the future.

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