A Brief Look at Bose Pro AMM Multipurpose Loudspeakers

Bose AMM Speakers

A Brief Look at Bose Pro AMM Multipurpose Loudspeakers

Bose Professional new AMM Multipurpose loudspeakers is constructed with versatility while not compromising in quality. Purposely built for audio professional that constantly faces challenge to setup quality audio in different acoustic environments.

If flexibility and quality is key to your professional audio setup for you or your client, then the latest Bose Professional AMM multipurpose loudspeakers is a system that you would want. Not only can you deploy them as mains. You can also deploy them as monitors, fills, or delays in portable setups or permanent installation.

A truly Multipurpose Loudspeaker

In the latest AMM range, Bose Professional had innovated and created a truly multipurpose loudspeaker system. The AMM range is made up of two full-range loudspeakers and a companion subwoofer. Using Bose DSP to ensure quality performance and protection for the speakers, the proprietary Bose Beamwidth Matching Waveguide, will ensure that the AMM system deliver sound quality that we had come to expect from any speakers branded with Bose.

The two loudspeakers are the AMM108 and AMM112 multipurpose speaker. Each speaker features a passive, coaxial two-way design. From there on, the spec for both speakers goes into each unique specification. Depending on the unique acoustic environment and setup requirements. Professional can choose how they would want to configure the two loudspeakers.

Audio professionals could choose a single AMM loudspeakers setup between the AMM108 and the AMM112. That aside, they will also be able to choose between a combination setup between a single loudspeaker (AMM108/AMM112) and the AMS115 subwoofer (part of the AMM system). Finally, a full combination setup is also possible between the two loudspeakers and the AMS115 subwoofer.

As mentioned, because of the multipurpose capabilities of the AMM speakers, you can easily switch your AMM setup to main, monitors, fills or delays. Converting your acoustic environment to a versatile environment where you can make changes to it easily; without the need of replacing the speakers.

AMM108 and AMM112 image

Here is a look at the specification of the two AMM loudspeakers:

Peak output  128 dB131 dB
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)  88 – 17,000 Hz70 – 18,000 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)  75 – 20,000 Hz60 – 20,000 Hz
Nominal Coverage (H x V)  110° x 60110° x 60°
Power Handling, long-term continuous  150 W300 W, passive 300 W (LF) + 45 W (HF), bi-amp  
Power Handling, peak  2400 W2800 W, passive 2800 W, (LF) + 720 W (HF), bi-amp  
Sensitivity (SPL/1W @ 1 m)  94 dB96 dB, passive & bi-amp averaged  
Maximum SPL @ 1m116 dB121 dB, passive & bi-amp averaged  
Nominal Impedance  8 Ω, passive8 Ω, passive 8 Ω (LF) + 8 Ω (HF), bi-amp  
Driver  Coaxial driverCoaxial driver
Compression Driver size  1.7inch3-inch
Low-frequency driver size  8-inch12-inch
Multipurpose versatilityMain, monitor, fill, delay.   *system bandwidth can be extended by pairing with AMS115 subwooferMain, monitor, fill, delay.   *system bandwidth can be extended by pairing with AMS115/SMS118 Subwoofer
Consistent tonality and voicing with Bose AM Array modules and Bose AMU utility loudspeakers?  YesYes
Proprietary Beamwidth Matching WaveguideYesYes  
Weight  13 Kg22 Kg
Bose PowerMatch amps and ControlSpace DSP pairing?  YesYes
Permanent Application?  YesYes  
Portable Application?  YesYes
Comparison between AMM108 and AMM112

The Bose Beamwidth Matching Waveguide gives the AMM108 and AMM112 a distinct advantage over other point-and-shoot loudspeaker designs. This waveguide provides consistent frequency response, clarity, and projection across the coverage area, assuring the signature Bose sound quality. The waveguide, located just behind the grille, seals the acoustic volume of the woofer, and features a unique vent pattern that controls low-frequency dispersion, thereby aligning the low- and high-frequency beamwidths at the crossover. The result is symmetrical, wide-band sound coverage and a remarkable audio experience for performers and audiences alike.

The companion AMS115 subwoofer features a 15-inch neodymium transducer, a lightweight enclosure, and an integrated M20 threaded pole mount, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. This allows system designers and installers to pair the AMM108 loudspeaker with the AMS115 for front-of-house applications or the AMM112 loudspeaker for fill applications; or pair the AMM112 loudspeaker with the ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofer for higher-output, extended-bandwidth systems. Moreover, pairing with Bose PowerMatch amplifiers and ControlSpace DSP provides optimal performance and protection for loudspeakers, as well as consistent voicing for AM and AMU models.

AMS115 & SMS118 image

Comparison of Bose Professional AMS115 & SMS118 subwoofer:

Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)  40-100 Hz32 – 250 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)  35 – 130 Hz29 – 300 Hz
Nominal coverage (H x V)OmnidirectionalOmni with cardiod array configurations
Power Handling, long-term continuous  500 W750 W
Power Handling, peak  2800 W3000 W
Sensitivity (SPL/1W @ 1 m)90 dB (free-field) 96 dB (half-space)92 dB
Maximum SPL @ 1m117 dB (free-field) 123 dB (half-space)127 dB
Nominal Impedance  8 Ω4 Ω
comparison between AMS115 & SMS118

Adam Shulman, market category lead for installed sound at Bose Professional, remarked, “Our new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line offers the output, versatility, and clarity users require for a variety of applications.” “Each loudspeaker has a multi-position enclosure, a variety of mounting options, and a compelling acoustic package, providing maximum flexibility and practical ergonomics for a variety of audio environments. This versatility allows for optimal performance as stage monitors, mains, and fills while remaining compact and lightweight.”

The new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line was unveiled in Framingham on April 15, 2021. It is now available in Singapore via UPS Procurement.

For more details information on the AMM range of loudspeakers, you can visit our Bose Professional AMM Multipurpose Loudspeakers products page.

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